Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dog Training/Boyfriend Training

The other day we hired a bark busters dog trainer to teach us how to train our chihuahua, Bambi. The gist of the 2 hour/$200 session was that we need to correct Bambi whenever he misbehaves. The trainer explained that when Bambi barks or doesn't obey a command we should say "BAHH!!" in a low, firm voice. On the other hand, if Bambi complies then we should praise him by saying "good boy" in a sweet, gentle tone. I know, I're thinking you could have learned the same thing from watching 1 episode of the Dog Wisperer. Anyway, my gf decides to apply the same training techniques on me as if it's compatible with boyfriends. So now I get a BAHH!! whenever I leave clothes on the floor or don't wash the dishes. Woof?

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