Friday, October 22, 2010

More trouble

My gf yelled at me last night for running too much. - Pause - reread that sentence and let it sink in. Yes, you read that correctly...FOR RUNNING! I mean of all things to get in trouble for, I never thought trying to live a healthy lifestyle would be one of them. I'll be the first to admit fault when I'm guilty like the time I got drunk and tried to fight a burly bouncer, but really ended up just punching a wall. In the words of Kanye West, "If you fall on the concrete, that’s your ass fault" but to get the silent treatment for wanting to get in shape? Where's the logic there? Sometimes, I think she'd rather me be a 500 pound cow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Gerrism

Here's a convo btw Camay(she was named after the soap! lol) and my gf:

GF: You free this week to study French and blink blink your iphone?
Camay: Huh?? What's blink blink?
GF: You know, bedazzle it! Cover it in rhinestones! Blink! Blink!
Camay: Ummm you mean BLING BLING?
GF: It's called blink blink no? It's so shiny it makes you blink.

All silliness aside, you have to admit it kind of makes sense.