Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment to write something nice about my gf. I think she deserves a break from all the teasing about her funny characteristics, which make her so unique and lovable. So here goes nothing...Hmmm, ummm...just a minute...let me think now...there must be something...
Just kidding sweetie, you can lower your arms from that attack position now. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for having a sweet and loving gf who I enjoy spending everyday with. You've brought much laughter and joy into my life this past year and I am grateful to have you by my side. Muah!

We'll return to your regular schedule programming after the holidays.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ordering epic fail

Ordering at French restaurants can cause quite the dilemma considering the subtleties of pronouncing French dishes. I'm sure there are many out there, myself included, that would have trouble pronouncing coq au vin: COKE oh-VANH or Duck a l'orange: DUCK ah-lo-RAHNGE or Steak au poivre: STAKE oh PWAHV. Most diners might butcher the pronuncation, but for the most part I'm certain the waiter would be able to get your order correct without asking for clarification. Recently my dear dear gf managed to order a completely different dish than what was on the menu at Epices, which isn't a French restaurant btw. "I'll have the Falafel [fuh-lah-fuhl] " she says to the waiter...

You had to be there.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Being a dog lover, it didn't take much persuading from my gf to convince me to have her dog shipped to NY from Singapore. What she forgot to mention was that her dog is actually a killer attack dog that enjoys biting at people's pant legs and challenging other dogs 20x his size. I love you Bambi!