Monday, August 31, 2009

de·ceive: to give a false impression

For our 1st date I had planned to take her to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I figured the customary dinner date route would be the best approach to get to know one another. On the day of our date, she offered the idea of going running in central park prior to dinner. I was a bit taken aback by the suggestion of such an unusual 1st date activity, but being a semi-avid runner I was quite enthused. I conjured up images of those good looking, athletic couples that you always see running together. I thought to myself, that could be us! The run goes well as does dinner and our 1st date turns into our 2nd and 3rd...and things progress nicely except for one thing. You guessed it..the idea of going running together never became a mainstay of our relationship. I guess that's what anniversaries are for.

Sweetie, see you in central year.

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