Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not so lucky

We run out the door and scurry to the nearest lotto retailer to purchase our tickets for the $252,000,000 mega jackpot. The clerk looks at us quizzically and asks us our age, not quite sure if we are older than 18 yrs old, lol. We buy 20 quick picks and then jog back home, all the while pondering what we would buy if we won; A loft in Paris, a house in Australia, vacations in Asia...We arrive home, throw our sweaty running clothes in the wash, quickly shower and get ready to leave for dinner reservations. On the drive to the restaurant she realizes she might have left the $20 worth of lotto tickets in her running shorts, which were swirling around in the washing machine. Alas, our potential claim to $252 million became a worthless lump of wet pulp. Some people just shouldn't play the lotto.

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