Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taste in Movies

I'll admit my gf has great taste in fashion, but when it comes to movies her taste would be equivalent to wearing socks with sandals, uggs with a denim skirt, a sheer white dress with a black get the idea. Anytime I suggest a movie night, her preference is determined by the following rules: 1) Any cartoon/animated movies playing? 2) If not, then whatever brainless, high school setting movie is playing ie; Easy A. Since I also occasionally enjoy a pixar or dreamworks animation, I used to give her the benefit of the doubt regarding what movies to watch. But after she failed my little test last week I am assured that her taste in movies is beyond repair. One of the worst movies ever happened to be playing on tv, so I turned it on and waited for her to make me change the channel. We ended up watching WATERWORLD in its entirety. No further questions your honor, case closed.

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