Monday, April 25, 2011

Ever been banned from a restaurant?

The _____ is shining. Wrong ____. If you fill in the blanks you get the name of the restaurant in flushing that my gf and I are barred from patronizing. It all started innocently enough with a craving for some bubble tea. We walked into this fine establishment, known for their snacks and frothy drinks, and ordered a large bubble tea. As I waited for the order my gf excused herself to use the restroom. 5 minutes later my drink is ready but no sight of the gf. I wait another 10 minutes and start to wonder if she's fallen and can't get up. I figured maybe I should call her and dig into my pocket for my phone. As I am about to call, I see her speed walking towards me, her eyes nervously darting left to right. She lunges for the exit and whispers "we have to go NOW." I follow her out quietly and ponder what the heck is going on. Yes ladies and gentlemen, my gf bombed the toilet, porcelain volcanic eruption and all. Man, they make the best bubble teas too.

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