Monday, September 20, 2010

OMG soooo embarrassing ...

While eating dim sum at Jing Fong we noticed there was a private party going on to celebrate a centenarian's birthday. There was a giant sign with some Chinese writing which neither of us could read, but we couldn't miss the "103" written in large print. Between my bites of har gow and siu mai and her chewing of rubbery chicken feet, we marveled about what it would be like to live for over a century. We wondered what condition the 103 year old was in, figuring that she was probably wheelchair bound and senile. After the meal, my gf's curiosity lead her to walk pass the wooden dividers separating the private celebration with the general dining hall. She stood off to the side, taking in the grand festivities. After 5 minutes of waiting for her by the exit, I finally walked over to her to see what was so fascinating. That's when the centenarian's daughter walked over to talk to us and invite us in to get a closer view of her beautiful mother, who was sitting at the center table chatting happily with her family and friends. She looked amazingly youthful! As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, she then proceeded to hand us 2 slices of birthday cake. By then my blushing gf couldn't wait to escape towards the exit let alone nibble on some undeserved cake, I however honored the centenarian by gobbling up the cake in a few bites = )

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