Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Darkness+Snowmobile+GF in the driver seat = Holy Shhhhh!t

As the cold weather returns I am reminded of last winter when I almost DIED. We were up at Smuggler's Notch, thanks to Meeson's awesome work perk, and after a day of snowboarding we decided to give snowmobiling a whirl. Fortunately, we lucked out and were able to snag the few remaining spots for a night-time tour...in retrospect, I guess it was unfortunate. I started in the driver seat with the gf sitting behind. Putting my ego in check, I'll admit controlling that beast of a sled was not easy.
At the halfway point the gf wanted to give it a spin and against my better judgment I agreed to put my life in her hands, the same hands that could barely grip the handle bars of the 500 lb/150 hp snowmobile. We switch seats and as I'm saying my prayers and about to grab the rear supports, she miscalculates the throttle sensitivity and we zoom directly towards the edge of the cliff before she swerves to get us back on course. I think I peed a little right then. After a little practice she starts to get the hang of it and I'm convinced I will live to see my family and friends again. We continue to cruise along with the tour group, but we're starting to fall behind. The trail is pitch dark besides the tail-light of the sled in front and we're beginning to lose sight of the pack so the gf decides to gun it to catch up. As she revs the 800cc engine, we jump from 15mph to 30mph and then all of a sudden my stomach drops as I feel myself lifted off the seat. I'm holding on for dear life, with my legs straddled, as the snowmobile is in mid-air at what seems to me a 80 degree angle. The snowmobile slams down hard and luckily my nuts break the fall.
A couple weeks ago the gf asked me if she should get her driver's license. I think this haunting near death experience answers that question.


  1. where's your sense of adventure ;)

  2. Its probably been crushed alongside his nuts

  3. I'm still a thrill seeker, but I prefer to be in the driver seat in those situations.

  4. dude i understand your pain. i almost died in DR when i let Michelle drive a dune buggy for like 5 seconds.