Friday, August 27, 2010


I love when my gf finds interest in my hobbies, but there's this one issue that annoys me when it comes to introducing her to my favorite pastimes. For instance, two years ago I took my gf snowboarding for her 1st time. It took her the whole winter season to get the hang of it and she is definitely still considered a beginner, yet she goes out and splurges on a brand-spanking-new, sweet BURTON board. Here I am, after 5 seasons still riding the same entry-level doodoo board. I'm doing 50/50 boardslides and catching air in the terrain park on a shitty, scratched up board while she struggles just to stand up on some top of the line pro board.
I always tell her you have to earn the right to buy the best equipment and that the best equipment isn't going to help make a significant improvement for any sport unless you practice. I guess all this wisdom went in one ear and out the other for her, since she just bought a pair of $140 bowling shoes after 1 practice session. I might be alone in this particular case since I'm sure her Strikeforce teammates are going to support her decision. They'd say: "Relax man, we'll take any advantage we can get."


  1. when the competition isn't looking, we'll raise the bumpers up for her and M

  2. hey !!!!!!!!!! I BOWLED 99 OK :P